Stetching the Crazy for Christmas

 The nicest gift you can give any author is a complimentary review.  So I always appreciate hearing from fans of my books on why they enjoyed the Fitzmaurice Legacy trio in Arkham Horror or my Forgotten Realms novels. The latest on The Bootlegger's Dance from Luna Gauthier made me chuckle, mostly because I really want to have an Aunt Nova or be an Aunt Nova too! From The Cosmic Circus:

"The Arkham Horror series spans quite a few volumes now, and I really enjoy this series. It mixes the mundane and the esoteric in a really fun and exciting way. Anchoring the story to the same town and using the same characters creates a connection that keeps readers coming back.

But by focusing on different people and using characters in different roles (sometimes main, sometimes supporting, sometimes just name-dropped) it makes the world feel more real. The action isn’t just happening in one spot, it’s happening everywhere all at once, just like in real life.

Now we have The Bootlegger’s Dance, set in Kingsport, but still name-dropping Arkham characters and locations, really expanding the world. Jones does an impressive job of stretching the crazy but not overdoing things. I loved her low-key (relative) danger (scary monsters but not world-ending gods) and her fantastic characters.

I seriously want an Aunt Nova. Or maybe to be Aunt Nova. Either one would make me happy. So get some Christmas cheer with a good dose of chills (and not from the temperature!) with The Bootlegger’s Dance. You won’t be disappointed."

Now I should add "stretching the crazy" to my job skills on the next resume that I send out. It's a pretty good description of a writer's job when you're dealing with the fantastic and the magical. 

The Bootlegger's Dance is now available in ebook, audio, and print. You can find out where to buy the books and more Arkham titles at

Merry, merry, and more in 2024, including a return to Cobalt City for their 20th anniversary! 

Bootlegger's Dance cover in background with Christmas trees in foreground


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