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Improv Fish Soup For Year's End

I'm listening to the BBC's absolutely brilliant adaptation of Susan Cooper's "The Dark is Rising." Now caught up to the Christmas Eve episode, I was inspired to make soup while listening to Will take on his role as an "Old One." Since I believe good soup is basically an improv exercise, I can only say that the basis of this one was the " Fisksoppa " published on the National Nordic Museum's website. Feel free to visit that recipe to find out where I started. Put on your favorite audiobook, chop those veggies, and enjoy a quiet winter evening. Improv Fish Soup Set the oven to 300 degrees and pull out an oven safe large pot. I have a huge Corning Ware pot with a glass lid that I use. I can, and do, leave it in the oven for hours. Generally when making soup, I start around 3pm and pull it out of the oven around 6pm or, if the book is interesting, 7pm. The longer it cooks, the better it tastes. If you'd rather simmer and stir on the stove

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