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The Bootlegger's Dance and Cozy Horror

Tomorrow I'm off to Foolscap to continue a conversation I started at Flights of Foundry: "What is Cozy Horror?" The term came up when I tried to define what it is I write for Aconyte Books. Adventures set in the world of Arkham Horror, the popular games created by Fantasy Flight Games, is one answer. But I also write "cozy" books about people who like their families (even when they are on the outs with them) or find new families for themselves. From the silent movie crew of Mask of Silver to the investigators in The Deadly Grimoire to the characters running a dance hall and a radio station (as well as a profitable bootlegging business) in The Bootlegger's Dance , there's definitely a cozy vibe which draws these folks together and helps them confront the terrors in Arkham, Innsmouth, and Kingsport. There's also suspense, mystery, monsters, and hopefully a happy ending for some. Others may have to wait a book or two to find their way out of the night

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