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Yes I wrote D&D books

My regular barista at Cardoon asked which were my D&D books--we got chatting about his game one day--and with the upcoming movie, I'm suddenly receiving more queries about those stories. The two novels are available in ebook and Audible format. The novella Cold Steel & Secrets was only published in ebook form (as far as I know). Paperbacks of the novels are long out-of-print but available in the secondary market. So for Alex who makes a fabulous gingerbread latte and anyone else, here's the list: The novels (bold), novella, and stories set in the Dungeons and Dragons world known as the Forgotten Realms and created by Ed Greenwood. All published by Wizards of the Coast. City of the Dead - this was part of a 5th edition series where Ed Greenwood selected the authors and we were to each explore a different part of the newly redone Waterdeep. I said "bags the graveyard" and off I went to write about a large family who lived in Waterdeep. When I'm playing I g

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