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Cover Reveal: Wrecker of Engines

  Cover reveal today! This collection of short stories and novella (& bonus new bits) releases in April for Cobalt City Universe's 20th anniversary celebration. This book contains only 14 (!) years of stories for me but check DEFCON ONE PUBLISHING for all the exciting books coming from a fabulous cohort of authors including Cobalt City creator Nathan Crowder. Everyone has a very different style and way of delivering superhero stories...and that's what makes this shared world so much fun. DefCon One will make Wrecker available as an ebook and paperback in April. I'm currently in talks with a longtime friend and audiobook narrator Michael Hacker about creating an audiobook for later in the year. This has been such a lovely project to work on. If you've bought some of the Cobalt City anthologies in the past, you'll find some old stories (newly revised for this edition). I've also created new tales to give you a full sense of the setting for the novella Wreck

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