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Reviews and Interviews For Mask of Silver

ALMOST done with 2020! And while it is not a year that I'd care to repeat, it was not without some pleasures. The biggest one for me was diving back into writing, meeting a whole new crew of shared world wordslingers, and completing Mask of Silver. In case you want to know the timeline of "board game to novel" project, the original contract was signed back in July 2019, the first draft written in late 2019 and early 2020 before the bottom dropped out of the world, then came the revisions and the usual editorial back-and-forth finishing up in fall 2020. The book goes on sale in January/February 2021 (pandemic delayed the UK trade paperback).  In December, I had the pleasure of doing an interview with Track of Words about the inspirations for the novel.  I tried to touch on some topics not covered in the Aconyte interview published earlier in the year. And I enjoyed the holiday season games with fellow Aconyte authors and employees courtesy of the very nice Anjuli. You ca

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