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Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancake Coffee Cake

The first time I published this recipe, my reason was "I'm whacking away at finishing a new novel, which means I'm home and hungry. Also, it's January, cold, grey, and dismal when I poke my nose outdoors. Which means I don't feel like going grocery shopping. So I searched my cupboards for inspiration and found a packet of gluten free pumpkin spice pancake mix that I purchased by mistake. I meant to get the pumpkin bread mix sitting next to it on the shelf at Trader Joe's. Necessity being the mother of cooking experimentation, I searched online for things to do with my mix. Came up with a coffee cake recipe made with regular pancake mix and modified it." Well it's December, I'm snowed in for at least a few days, but I have my emergency baking supplies well stocked. I now deliberately buy a box of TJ's pumpkin spice pancake mix for my "staples in case of emergency" shelf. I have experimented a little more since I first published this, a

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