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Here's the current, almost complete bibliography. Since I've been writing fiction since the naughty aughts and am now roaring into the twenties, I sometimes forget or miss a publication. Need more information? Easiest way to reach me is DM through Twitter at as long as that site exists (hey I'm writing this update in 2023!).

Other places to find me online are listed below. Depending on your security settings, your browser may not let you click through directly. If that happens, you should be able to copy the full link into your browser bar.

What I'm reading (lots of historical fantasy and cozy mysteries) and my very short reviews of same are at

I collect books (lots of books) and post pictures of them under Lost Loves Books at

Blue Sky
This was launched in 2023 and was largely so I could continue following certain SFWA authors. But I chatter away there about books I'm writing, books I'm reading, the Seattle arts scene, and other random ideas at

If you'd like to see the visual inspirations for the 1920s technology and movie stars in Mask of Silver, Deadly Grimoire, and The Bootlegger's Dance, you may enjoy this board at

I may send out a newsletter, more like a postcard, when I have a new story out. You can sign up for those announcements here but the same information will probably appear sooner at Twitter or Blue Sky.

Now onto the books that I've written or the Bibliography:

Arkham Horror
"It is the height of the Roaring Twenties – a fresh enthusiasm for the arts, science, and exploration of the past have opened doors to a wider world, and beyond… And yet, a dark shadow grows in the city of Arkham. Alien entities known as Ancient Ones lurk in the emptiness beyond space and time, writhing at the thresholds between worlds." A series based on the popular card and board games published by Fantasy Flight Games. Published by Aconyte Books.


Mask of Silver - Silent movie costumer Jeany Lin journeys to Arkham to help famed director Sydney Fitzgerald film a horror movie in his ancestral home. When things go bump in the night and cast members start to disappear, Jeany must use all her wits to save family and friends. (January 2021 in ebook, April 2021 for print editions in US & UK). Signed copy available for sale at Lost Loves Books (Alibris).

The Deadly Grimoire - Betsy Baxter is a success in Hollywood but she's never forgotten the ill-fated filming of Mask of Silver. Now star of her own stunt-filled serial, The Flapper Detective, Betsy meets famed aviator Winnifred Habbamock while researching wing-walking. The pair find that they have a shared history of strange encounters in Arkham. It's time to head back to that town to solve some mysteries and discover new intrigues with the help of a handsome bookseller of cursed grimoires. (March 2022).

The Bootlegger's Dance - Returning characters from Mask of Silver and The Deadly Grimoire meet up for Christmas in Kingsport. What could go wrong when bootlegger Nova Malone plans a spectacular holiday ball in her newest establishment the Diamond Dog? Her niece Raquel is about to find out as a man tumbles through time and only Raquel can hear his cries for help. (November 2023). Signed copy available for sale at Lost Loves Books (Alibris).

Click on the Arkham Horror covers above to read a sample at the publisher's website and learn more! While there are continuing characters and cameos from Arkham investigators, you can jump into the stories at any point. All covers designed by Dan Strange. 


More books! Stories! Novellas! Even a recipe in a cookbook!

Cobalt City Universe

New in 2024: All the Cobalt City stories have been collected into Wrecker of Engines, available from DefCon One Publishing. This includes all the previously published short stories and the novella Wrecker of Engines revised for this edition as well as some new episodes! The only story not included in this trade paperback or ebook is "A Very Panda Christmas," which will continue to be free to read on this site.  Signed copies available through at:

The Cobalt City stories originally appeared in these anthologies:
Cobalt City Christmas "A Very Panda Christmas" and now available for your reading pleasure here.
Cobalt City Dark Carnival - "Fortunes for the Brave Heart"
Cobalt City Dragonstorm "Paper Dragons, Electric Wings"
Cobalt City Rookies - "Wrecker of Engines" novella
Cobalt City Timeslip - "Claws of the Dragon Queen"

Forgotten Realms
These are the novels (bold), novella, and stories set in the Dungeons and Dragons world created by Ed Greenwood. All published by Wizards of the Coast.

City of the Dead
Cold Steel and Secrets (novella published in four parts)
Crypt of the Moaning Diamond
Realms of the Dead - "Dusty Bones"
Realms of Dragons II - "The Woman Who Drew Dragons"
Untold Adventures - "Dreaming of Waterdeep" - "Pigs Explode"

Fantasy & Science Fiction Anthologies

The Awakened - "Birdie"

The Awakened II - "Eyes of Blue and Gold"

The Bard's Tale - "The Voice of the Harp"

Beast Within 3 - "Wreckage"

Close Encounters of the Urban Kind - "Two Out, Wendigo"

Foreshadows - "Deep In The Deep: Reaction-Diffusion Dies Tonight"

Hitting the Skids in Pixeltown - "The Takers" (Phobos Award for Best New Voice in Science Fiction)

Mad Scientist Journal Spring 2012 - "Our Crystal Skies Are Cracking"

When the Hero Comes Home - "Ashes of the Bonfire Queen"

When the Villain Comes Home - "The Man With Looking-Glass Eyes"

Zero Gravity - "Junker's Fantasy"

RPG & SF Nonfiction

Ad Astra, 50th Anniversary SFWA Cookbook - "Wizard's Piglets in Blankets"

Chicks Dig Gaming - "Round the World with Nellie Bly"

Book Collecting
Collector's Guide to Children's Books 1850-1950 volume 1*
Collector's Guide to Children's Books 1850-1950 volume 2*
Collector's Guide to Children's Books 1950-1975*
Boys & Girls Book Series - Real World Adventures*
Encyclopedia of Collectible Children's Books*
The Wizard of Oz and Friends: A Reader's Checklist*
*co-authored with Diane Jones
John Carter, Tarzan, and Friends: A Reader's Checklist



Jaunts Afar and Beyond:  A collection of fantasy short stories that previously appeared in a variety of anthologies. Inspired by fairy tales, murder ballads, and memory houses, there are four guaranteed happy endings, one ambiguous, and one grim indeed. Take six jaunts into places afar and beyond. All for less than $3! Read Goblin Name Game for free here.

Kindle US
Kindle UK

Other ebook formats available by clicking on cover.

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