Cover Reveal for The Deadly Grimoire


The incredible artist Daniel Strange has done it again! The cover for the The Deadly Grimoire perfectly conveys the pulp action vibe of this sequel to Mask of Silver. For those who read the first book, don't worry! Jeany remains safely in Hollywood. But her friend Betsy Baxter returns to Arkham and, with the help of the daring pilot Winifred Habbamock, digs into the strange events in the area. Mixing it up with bootleggers and booksellers, Betsy finds that a certain volume may hold the answers to the disappearances that happened three years earlier during the filming of "Mask of Silver."

Recent reviews:

"Jones manages to capture the horror and mystery of the game and pairs this perfectly with a pulpy and rip-roaring 1920s setting....I honestly adore the fact we have three strong female protagonists and even one morally grey strong female. It was wonderful to see, in some cases, the female taking care of and protecting the male protagonists and saving themselves and the day." – Siobhain, A Reader Lives a Thousand Lives


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