Bookplates Are Back! One Available Now For Mask Of Silver

Back when I started writing for novels, some folks wanted signed books. Only I was nowhere near where they were and shipping books back and forth was very expensive.

So like all good writers, I borrowed a creative idea from another. I once had the joy of meeting James Gurney, the artist behind the Dinotopia series. Loved his books but it hadn't even occurred to me to lug my copies to the convention where we met.

"No problem," said the affable Mr. Gurney when I mentioned this. He whipped out a bookplate (a sticker to place inside the books) that was printed up to his design. So my Dinotopia contains a signed "passport" to travel wherever I want in his imaginary land. While I have several signed books in my collection, including a goblin sketch by the one and only Brian Froud, I must admit that the Dinotopia bookplate ranks very high as a favorite.

So I started making bookplates for my titles. My first, for Crypt of the Moaning Diamond, promised that no small dogs were harmed in the making of the book. My second, for City of the Dead, gave people access to the graveyard via a certain secret gate.

For Mask of Silver, there may be some advice about crows. 

You can paste where it fits in the book and, voila, you have an author signed print book. Or you can stick it on the ebook reading device of your choice.

If you'd like a bookplate, follow me on Twitter and DM me an address. I'm at

I'm going a slightly different printing route with this batch of bookplates but they should be ready to ship by early April. Print copies of Mask will be available by then in the UK and US.


Crow photo by Peter Lloyd on Unsplash


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