Cover out for "Mask of Silver"

The largest of kudos, thanks, and general applause to artist Daniel Strange, who created the cover for my next novel. He absolutely captured the look of a 1920s silent movie poster for Mask of Silver. Which is perfect for this dark fantasy set in 1923 when director Sydney Fitzmaurice decides to film his latest "nightmare movie" in his hometown of Arkham. What could go wrong?

As costume and make-up artist Jeany Lin will discover, a lot!

The book will be out in January--the other FUN part of being the author is unboxing those books when they arrive--but until then, enjoy this preview.  For more on the novel and my gushing reaction to the cover printed verbatim on their blog, check out this interview at Aconyte (

To see Daniel's fabulous art, visit his website at is the FUN part of being an author. When your editor sends you a copy of the book cover! And all you can think is "wow."


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