Why Marmots Are So Classy

A memento of a trip to SpoCon.
He's still telling time just fine!
Last month I got a "thank you" card from the Marmots, the organizers of the SpoCon, one of my favorite science fiction conventions. It was a particularly kind gesture as I'd had to cancel out of speaking there this summer.

I tried to give them as much notice as I could about a new job and the resulting shake-up of my travel and vacation plans. Like the nice animals that they are, they just wished me well. Then followed up with a truly lovely little card that said "We missed you.  Hope to see you soon."

There's been a lot of talk lately about trolls, and how unwelcoming certain sectors of fandom can be to others, but it's been my experience that just as many, or more, are classy critters who go out of their way to support writers, encourage artists, and make a place where those of us with a passion for gaming, or costuming, or just being in the company of others who understand what we mean when we talk about the books we adore, the shows we watch, and the art we display.

Next year, there won't be a SpoCon, because Worldcon is taking over Spokane, WA. I hope the people going to that will come away feeling as I did when I got to party with the Marmots or even when I had to miss the fun: that this is one neat group to hang with.


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