Journey to The World Of The Awakened

Out just in time for the holidays, The Awakened collects a number of fantasy authors to tackle the question of "what would you do if you woke with special powers one day?" In this world, which also is being developed into a role-playing game, that may mean being able to talk to the animals...or at least one particular animal.

Hal Greenberg created the world, sent out the maps, and recruited a great crew of authors to create new tales with tails.

As a child who read every single one of the Doctor Dolittle books (and loved the movie, because who wouldn't want to travel in a Giant Pink Snail?), I sent a very quick "yes" via pigeon post ... or possibly email ... to this invitation.

As I've mentioned earlier, my tale "Birdie" drew its inspiration from the wildlife that I see on a regular basis: the birds that make their home in the big city. Adventures can happen anywhere, even on rooftops. Enjoy!


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