Seattle Antiquarian Bookfair Love Affair

Once a year, the Seattle Antiquarian Bookfair rolls into town and my credit card starts to smoke in anticipation.

Luckily, I run into so many friends in the aisles that my shopping time is limited by chatter about books ... the kind where you really do want to stroke the covers and turn the pages slowly. The grand, beautifully illustrated volumes of the early 20th century are available from many wonderful dealers. It's a bit like being let into Ali Baba's cave. 

Every year, I find one or two special volumes that do have to go home with me. This year it was An Argosy of Fables, a very large and heavy book profusely illustrated by Paul Bransom and published in 1921.

My excuse for this one is that these fables will eventually find themselves rewritten into new fantasies and fantastic adventures. After all, who wouldn't be inspired by this trio? 


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