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Like many Edgar Rice Burroughs fans, I eagerly headed to the movie theater with friends to see the John Carter movie when it first came out. After the show, our group of six all agreed we had a great time (phooey on the reviewers!).

Then I said, "I hope they do the rest of the stories."

Two of the guys with me said: "What other stories?"

Which led to me explaining about how there were multiple novels written about John Carter, his family, and their adventures on Barsoom. And, how in 2012, the whole series celebrated its 100th anniversary. Oh, and the author also wrote a little series known as Tarzan. But that my absolute favorite Burroughs novel was The Mucker, or maybe Outlaw of Torn, or perhaps Mad rather depends on my mood of the moment.

At which point, somebody said, "You should write a book."

Well, several years ago, I did write a longer book about collecting science fiction and fantasy, including a lengthy explanation of Burroughs' long career and many novels. However, the 2001 crash in the publishing industry killed that project and it has remained a file on my computer. So I went home, dug that file out, looked it over, extracted the information on Burroughs, and added some more notes about editions published since 2001 as well as plots, cross-overs, and other points of interest.

This century and a bit of Edgar Rice Burroughs' bibliographical history is now available in e-book form at If you don't own a Kindle, you can download a free Kindle app for your computer or smartphone or "read it in the cloud" as they say. Just follow the directions below. Click on the link for your country or language to start your download. (Note: the book will be in English no matter where you are as my German, Italian, French, and Spanish is not as good as Amazon's!).

Although I do include information on how to identify true first editions of these books (which can run thousands of dollars at auction), this is really meant as a reader's checklist. I hope it will encourage others to discover the adventures penned by Edgar Rice Burroughs. And maybe there will be a new, bigger video production of all the Mars books. I think it would be a great streaming series!

So, no matter where you are..

Start reading John Carter, Tarzan, And Friends: A Reader's Checklist on your Kindle in under a minute in the United Kingdom or United States.

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Puedes empezar a leer John Carter, Tarzan, And Friends: A Reader's Checklist en tu Kindle en menos de un minuto.


Peter Kahle said…
Just finished JC,TAF. Your encyclopedic knowledge of all things Burroughs is semi-scary. I knew the Carters and the Tarzans, but not the full range. Holy prodigious output, Batman. Enjoyed learning that there are worlds out there I have not seen.

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