Crypt Keeps Garnering Reviews From Gamers

So Nathan completely floored me with his review: "A good D&D session is unmistakable. It has a good chemistry, challenging encounters, a sense of urgency, and you never want it to end. Crypt of the Moaning Diamond delivers on all that and more. Ivy is fantastic fun, leading her group of friendly mercenaries, the Siegebreakers, out of a death-trap of their own making. "

Nathan, who I met in June, is an accomplished writer in his own right (track down his Cobalt City trilogy on Lulu) and infinitely more knowledgeable than me about the minutia of the game. So I take this review as a huge compliment.

You can read the whole thing at Good Reads. And If you're a Good Reads addict like me, do become my friend. I'd love to see what is on your shelf!


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