Shared World Does Not Equal Fan Fiction

Almost every time  I show up at a panel on shared world fiction or any panel on writing in general and mention I write shared world fiction, somebody says "But isn't that just fan fiction?" 

Or, better yet, "well, that's just work for hire."  

Because, heavens, who would want to be paid to write about dragons, dwarves, ambulatory skeletons, topiary dragons, ghost-possessed librarians, smart gals who use their brains to battle villains, little white dogs, and ladies in armor?

Oh, right, that's me!  I tried to convey the excitement of working and writing in that field during a visit to SpoCon.

 Maggie Secara, a fellow fantasy writer, heard about my panel and asked if I'd contribute answers to the most commonly asked questions about shared world fiction to her Writer's Wednesday post, including why shared world fiction isn't fan fiction. You can read my answers here.



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