Neverwinter novella launched!

Back in the spring, Wizards of the Coast asked me to write a true cliffhanger: a four-part serial where every part ends with the hero in more trouble than the last part.

Because of my love of old movies, radio dramas, and pulp fiction, I jumped at the chance. So, starting today, you can join the fun: Cold Steel & Secrets is now available from an e-book seller near you!

Here's what happening today:
Sent by the spymaster of Neverwinter to investigate a group of rebels, Rucas Sarfael finds a worthy adversary in the beautiful fencing master Elyne. Matching wits and blades with the rebel leader, Rucas strives to prove himself and rise in the rebel ranks in part 1 of this four-part novella set in the renowned city of Neverwinter.

Keep reading and come back in November for even more plot twists, mayhem, and darker secrets concerning power plays by the powerful.


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