SpoCon Panels: Social Media and Mailing Lists For The Writer

I've got two panels at SpoCon this year that focus on the business side of marketing through social media and mailing lists. While I'll be more specific in the panels, my general philosophy after years of doing marketing via social media and email for a variety of nonprofits and other businesses is try to capture your followers' emails as often as you can. Use your social media to drive the growth of your mailing list. This is what I do when I'm working as a professional marketeer. Social media, like display ads, may remind people that your product (your book) is out there. But it probably can't sell as much as a regular email to people interested in your books.

I see a lot of newsletters that ask people to subscribe to a social media feed (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). I don't see the opposite nearly as much and I think it's more important. Remember that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram own your followers. If any of those sites go away tomorrow ... and they could all go poof tomorrow .... then those followers are gone too. If you have a list of subscribed email readers safely downloaded to your computer and backed up elsewhere, that's a list that you own forever. Even if your email provider goes away. If you think of your reader as your customer, who do you want to own their names and contact information?


Finding the Right Social Media

Saturday Aug 10 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM (45 minutes)

The Historic Davenport Hotel – Worthy

Mailing Lists

Saturday Aug 10 05:00 PM to 05:45 PM (45 minutes)

The Historic Davenport Hotel - Worthy


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