Goblins In Spokane

I've been invited to speak at SpoCon 2019, a convention that I adore for its friendly folks and small size. This year's theme is "All Hail The Goblin King" and the organizers asked for goblin related art or writing as part of their promotion. However none of my Forgotten Realms stories or other works have goblins (skeletons, wererats, topiary dragons, yes, but no goblins).

But I did remember one goblin tale that I wrote several years ago for an anthology that didn't quite make it out the door. I looked through the current computer, but nary a goblin did I find. I looked some more through old computers and back-up drives. Still no goblins.

Had I imagined it? But then I did an email search using the editor's name of the lost anthology. My email and attachment popped up in the cloud where emails go to live. The attachment was still downloadable and readable. There was Goblin Name Game!

So enjoy! The goblins will live again on this website until they need to return to the digital cloud that they came from.

Goblin drawings by L. H. Houseman from Goblin Market by Christine Rossetti, 1893 Macmillan edition, courtesy of  British Library. See all of Houseman's goblins here.

Story "Goblin Name Game" copyright 2019 Rosemary Jones. Please credit the author when quoting or sharing. For inquiries about reprinting, please email the author.

This story is made available here for SpoCon 2019 "All Hail The Goblin King" taking place August 9-11, 2019. To learn more about the convention, please see their website.


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