Ballad Inspires Bard Story In Cookbook

The ebook version of The Bard's Tale recently popped up on Amazon. Each adventure in the anthology is complimented by authentic medieval recipes by editor Daniel Myers. It's probably the only time that you'll find my writing in a cookbook. 
There's a number of familiar names on the table of contents, including Forgotten Realms creator Ed Greenwood​ and Gabrielle Harbowy​, who edited the terrific Heroes and Villains Come Home anthologies.

My tale was inspired by the classic murder ballad "Cruel Sister." I've found three or four versions of this ballad, but my favorite recording remains Pentangle's, from their 1970 album of the same name.
As always, this is not a straight retelling but rather a rethink of the magic mentioned in the story. And another twist or two.  Enjoy!


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