Free Ways To Manage Social Media: BPNW May 2011 Talk

Free Ways To Create And Track Your Social Media
Social media is a blending of technology and social interaction for the co-creation of value. - Wikipedia

The following was created as a list of quick, easy things to do that will cost nothing but time and little willingness to play with the tools.

Do More Than Post On Facebook
Photo albums, notes, multiple pages: there’s more to do on Facebook than just post to your wall daily. Use Facebook analytics to watch your audience’s interaction.

Add RSS Feed
Blogger, Wordpress, Live Journal, and similar sites provide RSS feed that allows you to link your blog to your social media. If you post on your blog, your post automatically appears on those pages. Manage posts so they appear in high traffic times to increase engagement.

Share Via YouTube -- And Share YouTube Videos
Use YouTube link or embed codes when sharing video. Share other people’s videos on your blogs, etc., to attract readers. Doubt not the power of silly kittens or short videos!

Skype It For More Than Free Calls
Use Skype for face-to-face video interviews with press. You can also use Skype for screen sharing (webinars), video conferencing, virtual voice mail, and more.

Presell Your Project with Kickstarter
“Crowdfunding” lets you presell limited editions or signed copies or other value-added product. If your project succeeds, Kickstarter will take a percentage of the funds. For nonprofits, Causes offers a similar service for “crowddonating.”

Creating Trackable Links With,, Google Analytics, Yahoo Pipelines, etc, track traffic into your website. See what messages hook readers into finding out more. See what sites send you the most traffic. tip: put a + at the end of a link in your browser and you can see the traffic without signing in to your account – this great way to share with others. also creates QR codes for smart phone users.

Manage Your Posting, Save Time
HootSuite, Tweetdeck, Ping: all of these allow you to set up posts in batches and then feed them out when you want – even when you’re away from your computer giving a talk! But keep your hands hidden if you want people to think you are tweeting live.

Free sidebar for Outlook that allows you to see what social media other people are using: creating “rich profiles” for business-to-business contacts.

Copyright 2011: Rosemary Jones. Please feel free to share a link to this page using the tools below.

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