SpoCon Panel: The Intersection

For my last panel at SpoCon, I'm going to lean heavily on the scientists in the room. We're talking about how the creative arts help scientists make discoveries. Part of this probably came out of my chattering last year in the green room about the number of visual artists that I see working in science.  Often they are drawing things that are too small, too big, or too theoretical to be photographed. Big bangs, atoms, and more.

I was also thinking how flip phones can trace their lineage back to Star Trek communicators and my robot vacuum cleaner owes a beep or two to R2D2. Writers come up with ideas, some crafty prop person makes it look like it could work, and then teams of scientists actually build the thing. Look how much we speculate about travel to Mars and how close we are coming. Look at the footprints on the moon that are 50 years old but inspired by the novels of Jules Verne and others that are much older.

As I went researching into the topic this year, I was much struck by this quote:

From Dave Featherstone, Professor of Biology and Neuroscience, on Quora"Science = art. They are the same thing."

Featherstone went on to argue that both scientists and artists are seeking to explain how the world works. We may approach our road to the answer differently, but we both travel in the same direction. We both have extraordinary opportunities to collaborate and solve some big problems.

Lovely thing about conventions like SpoCon is that we can entertain ourselves with ideas and discuss together the dreams for tomorrow. We may even spark something new.

Let's all do our best to create an intersection that leaves us inspired.


The Intersection

Sunday Aug 11   11:00 AM to 11:45 AM (45 minutes)
The Historic Davenport Hotel - State A


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