Marmot Weekend - Indie Publishing, Book Covers, Gothic Novels, And More

I'm back at SpoCon and, just as I remembered from earlier adventures, the Marmots have been delightful hosts. Saturday panels where I will be speaking deal with indie publishing, book cover design, and Gothic literature. On Sunday, I'm back to that age old question of "I'm published, now what?"

Here's the run down if you're at the convention. Over the next few days I'll post follow ups on what the speakers learned from the audiences and how to find out more.

Indie Publishing Today - 10:30 am, Saturday, Spokane Falls D
Trends, resources, and how to find out more. I'm really here to talk about Book Publishers Northwest.

Book Cover Design 101 - 12:00 pm, Saturday, Executive
As someone most frequently published by others, I have never gotten to decide what my book cover should look like. However I've mocked up covers for designers to refine. My favorite resource to do that these days is Canva. The most important tip I can give anyone designing a cover: know your genre! Readers will make a lot of assumptions about a book based on its cover, and you want them to make the right ones.

Gothic Literature - 3:00 pm, Saturday, Parkside II
I think I was invited to speak at this because my Waterdeep adventure novel, City of the Dead, definitely contained a respectful tip of the cap or two to the Gothic novel. I consider the great-grandmother of perfect Gothic novels to be Jane Eyre. Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca also needs to be read by all students of the Gothic. Recently I discovered the novels of Simone St James, who writes a wonderful Gothic-flavored ghost stories. Try The Other Side of Midnight or Silence for the Dead. For more Gothic goodies, check out my book lists on Goodreads.

I Got Published, Now What? - 10:30 am, Sunday, Parkside II
Short answer: keep writing.


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