New project and a new way at looking publishing

Without getting into any long debates on the worthiness of one style of publishing over another, let us just accept that the 21st century has shaken up publishing more than Gutenberg putting scribes out of business or Allen Lane daring to sell classics as Penguin paperbacks.

Now one of the biggest names in "game fiction" has decided to launch his own radical reinterpretation of "the right way to do it." To quote the official announcement:
The Ed Greenwood Group —an author- and artist-centric content-creation-sessorium, or salon, unconstrained by previous publishing business models. The new Group hosts dozens of published, award winning and best-selling authors as well as artisans, illustrators and creators of objets d’art, music and culinary delights. Over the next ten years, Mr. Greenwood, who will hold both the title of president and publisher, will create a series of new shared worlds for Creatives and fans to explore. Loqui Magna, a sophisticated reader-focused content and community outreach program, will keep fans entertained in between novels through its Platter of Surprises series. For the Creatives: a true and serious royalty for their work; live, transparent accounting systems; an international, multilingual sales, marketing and rights focus and the chance to create with The Archmage himself.
Color me intrigued ... and committed to a novel appearing sometime in 2016.   I'm looking forward to returning to a high fantasy setting as well as seeing what my fellow creatives create.

Here's what Ed has to say about this new venture:



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