Awakened arrives on Kickstarter

Last fall, I was delighted to be invited into a new shared world created by Hal Greenberg. Along with a number of favorite fantasy authors, Hal asked me to create a story about a character who awakens with a strange new magic.

As people spoke up for the part of the world that they wanted to explore...and the consequences of the magic found there...I noticed most of the tales ventured far into the countryside, taking their heroes downright dangerously out in the wild.

So this city mouse wrote to Hal and asked if she could set her story some place with walls, streets, houses, and a bunch of humanity and other creatures jammed up together. Hal responded by sending me his description of a splendid city.

And, because I'm pretty much the opposite of "epic" when it comes to writing fantasy, I explored one house and particularly one rooftop with a girl named Birdie.

The inspiration for BIRDIE came from a variety of places, including my avian neighbors who fill the rooftops and chestnuts trees outside my apartment window. Also an early encounter with the song "Feed The Birds" -- a melody I have considered both haunting and vaguely threatening since kindergarten.

Dark Quest, a nifty publisher of fantastical fiction of all types (including my friend Phoebe's great vampire series), is committed to producing the book. But if you want a fancy, hardbound, signed-by-everyone edition, you have to Kickstart some cash their way.

UPDATE:  As you can see, they were very successful and I hear that there will be a second anthology. Once all the authors finish signing the bookplates for the first one!


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