Striding forth with Nellie

"Accept praise for its worth: politeness. Be brutally frank with yourself. It's safer. "
Nellie Bly (1864 - 1922) 
Have you met Nellie? She's not a fictional character, but a true adventurer who landed herself a newspaper job in New York at a time when women were regularly subjected to bombastic criticism for working outside the home (also denied the right to vote and a few other injustices too).

As shown here, she beat the fictional round-the-world record of Phileas Fogg as a "stunt" for New York World -- yes, the paper owned by Joseph Pulitzer (for you Newsies fans).

This picture comes form a series of trading cards devoted to her journey. I picked up a slightly different version of this one fairly recently. It sits on my desk, a reminder that anyone, even a slight young lady from Pittsburgh, can accomplish great things. But, as Nellie observed, we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously either.

Nellie served as an inspiration for Lizzie, the heroine of "Wrecker of Engines." You can read Lizzie's story in Cobalt City Rookies.



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