The Forgotten Realms stories are now downloadable audiobooks

If you're a fan of the Forgotten Realms and related fiction (like me!), you may have noticed that more of the books are now available on and related websites. Wizards of the Coast made a concentrated effort in the past couple of months to release the older Dungeons & Dragons titles as well as those coming out in 2013.

So both the Siegebreakers and the Carvers, my two earlier contributions to Realmslore, are available now.

For those who haven't met these colorful characters, the Siegebreakers star in Crypt of the Moaning Diamond, an early tale of Faerun, set a century before Spellplagues and other recent turmoil. A motley group of professional sappers (tunnelers), led by the intrepid Ivy, have taken on the task of bringing down the walls of Tsurlagol. Unfortunately, on the day we join them, the camels ate their breakfast, there is a shiny Captain from Procampur breathing down the back of their necks, and the ground is giving away under their feet.

One of the Siegebreakers' favorite tales to tell other people is about the day when "pigs exploded" and a small white dog saved their bacon. You can read it for free here.

The City of Waterdeep is vast, mysterious, and full of secrets. So full, in fact, that many are forgotten or just known to a few families. The Carvers, who work in the ancient graveyard known as the City of the Dead, know everything there is to know about the noble dead and their final resting places there.  But how to handle outsiders? That's a different matter.  Whether it is grave-grabbing merchants or young wizards with a scheme, Sophraea Carver has her hands full. And now the dead are walking...even dancing...through the streets of Waterdeep.

Sophraea's companion in adventure is Gustin Bone, a wizard who dreamed of exploring Waterdeep since his earliest days. Learn how Gustin found his guidebook to Waterdeep in this free story. Sophraea's brother Leaplow can also be found fighting his way through the Realms of the Dead anthology.



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