More on the Wrecker of Engines

The original Wrecker appeared in this
collection of stories about Cobalt City's
rich history of superheroes.
Caroline at Timid Pirate recently asked me to answer a few questions about my Rookie in their new collection: Cobalt City Rookies.

Here's a little more on the history of Morgan Lee,  how he came to Cobalt City, and the people that he meets in Wrecker of Engines. And why you'll find most of the action set at a library.

So how did you select the Wrecker of Engines as your Cobalt City Rookie?

First and foremost, I fell in love with that name. Nathan Crowder, the creator of Cobalt City, mentioned to me he once came up with the name of Wrecker Of Engines, and mentioned him in one novel, but never wrote a story about him or his era. He saw him as an early Cobalt City hero, a typical 1940s masked man with a fedora. The type of character who might turn up in the pulps.  I love that time period -- and the superheroes that went with it -- and so I created a story about the Wrecker for Cobalt City Timeslip.

So does this Wrecker wear a fedora too?
No. Morgan Lee is a descendent of the original Wrecker but he's a very modern teen. And that was part of the fun of this project -- guessing what Wrecker of Engines would mean to this generation. The original Wrecker fought against scientists and machines of war. This Wrecker operates in a our digital age and wrecks villains' plans via his smartphone. And he wears a hoodie rather than a fedora.

He also is very active.
Oh yes, Like his ancestor, he's not afraid to go out into the city, investigate crime scenes, and even trade a few punches.

He lives in Adventurers Club, doesn't he?
Yes. That's a nod to the city's history and the history of the Wreckers.  I introduced the Adventurers Club in Timeslip as a gathering place for explorers, scientists, and heroes. It's been unoccupied now for many years, but this Wrecker is bringing it back to life and learning a few of its secrets.

Like the other tenants?

Well, at least one, Tidwell. He takes care of the place. And he seems to have a few secrets of his own.

And Lizzie has her own secrets and problems too.

Lizzie was a superhero and a rookie in a different age of Cobalt City. Now she see the same problems building up again. Only she can't tell anyone. That's a frightening place to be for a hero. So she's put out a call for help and Morgan has heard it.

Why did you set so much action in the Library?

I'm a bit of a library junkie. I love the physical buildings as well as the collections that they house. When I travel, I make it a point to visit the great libraries like Stephen A. Schwarzman building in New York City or the Library of Congress in D.C.  The Cobalt City Library is a homage to all those places! And, being Cobalt City, you're going to encounter superheroes and supervillains there. As well as librarians.

Ah, yes, the librarians. They are a bit different….

Well, they live in a Cobalt City. I love imagining how ordinary people, like Hubert the graduate student, might react to that. In Hubert's case, he's building databases like any graduate student in his discipline. But he's building them to define what a superhero is. But the librarians are just people, so they are pretty vulnerable when a villain invades the Library. They need some help, quick, or things are going to get nasty.

Lucky there is a new Rookie in town.
Yes, indeed. Especially one who likes science as much as Lizzie and knows how to make things work.

Or wreck them if needed.


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