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Recycled motherboard journal
from The Literacy Site
It's end of November. Many folks finishing up their NaNoWriMo-ing tonight ... and I love seeing all those busy typists in coffeshops around Seattle.

I loved my own private NaNoReaMo too. Finally whittling down the stacks of books from wonderful authors around the world: Jon Courtney Grimwood, Patrice Kindl, Ysabeau Wilce, Liz Williams, and more.  You can always follow what I'm reading here.

For the right reader, any of the books on this list would be a great gift. There's a stack of books that I'm planning to wrap and ship to friends and family growing in the bag under my desk (shhh, don't tell them that's where I hide the presents!).  Of course, when I start wrapping books, I start reading books. So I may have to buy more copies.

If you live in Seattle, and are looking for cool gifts for readers or writers, don't forget our plethora of bookstores.  Another cool shopping spot is the Friends of the Library gift shop located in the downtown branch of the Seattle Public Library.   The FriendsShop features local artists and all sorts of cool literary styled gifts.  Also, your gift does extra good by helping them buy more books for the libraries.

A similar worldwide effort is supported by The Literacy Site -- every item sold helps pay for books distributed by First Book and Room To Read to stock libraries and classrooms around the world.

Happy reading, happy gifting, and may you find lots of new stories in your stockings.


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