Wrecker of Engines arrives Oct 31

Here's the cover for Cobalt City Rookies, which contains my novella Wrecker of Engines

I love it!

The leap into the unknown seems the perfect picture for a trio of novellas dealing with young people coming to grip with their superhero identities, new friends, and transitioning into adult responsibilities. In short, ordinary life as a teen in a city filed with superheroes, caped villains, and other challenges.

It's also a good picture of the leap-of-faith that the team at Timid Pirate decided to take a few years ago, producing stories that they like in a variety of formats: print, ebook, and podcast. They've collected an eclectic crew of local and international artists, writers, voice actors, and more to tell stories. That's a brave thing to do.  It's been fun to take the voyage with them. One thing that I learned early is that these pirates are very bold indeed when it comes to taking artistic chances.

Go check out the Timid Pirate website. There's a bunch of freebies, an interesting editorial by one of their editors about why she wanted to edit non-angsty young adult fiction, books to buy, and some nice booty designed by one of the pirate artists.


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