Writing stories that begin with W

This Nellie Bly card has sat on my desk
for years, inspiring me to keep writing.
For the last year, I've been working on a YA for Timid Pirate called Wrecker of Engines. Expect this one to be hitting the electronic bookshelves later this Fall. The story contains superheroes, and cyberpunk, and steampunk...and one of my favorite themes: the singular importance of libraries in making a big city a great city.

There's also a tip of the checkered cap to the intrepid Nellie Bly. If you don't know Nellie, look her up. She was an investigative journalist, world traveler, and, like so many of the young women of the 19th century not recorded in the history books, a constant breaker of boundaries, glass ceilings, and societal expectations.  Once you meet Lizzie in Wrecker of Engines, you'll understand.

Earlier this summer, I was invited to submit a story for an anthology concerning creatures of the deep. As I was writing, tsunami debris was hitting the shores of the Northwest. That led to "Wreckage" -- a tale of dragons, heavenly obligations, and a rather odd little town.

If I'd know I'd be dealing with rewrites and emails about both tales at the same time, I might have thought about a name change for one or the other. However, it all worked out well and I hope you'll enjoy these stories when they become available later this year.

 Now I'm searching the alphabet for a title starting without a W.


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