Good reviews but deadlines still loom

Two of my stories recently received a little love from reviewers at Black Gate and That's always nice, especially since I had a great time writing these tales. Doesn't change the fact that I'm still chasing deadlines and some serious buckling down to the keyboard is needed this weekend.

Ashes of the Bonfire Queen in When The Hero Comes Home
perhaps the best story in the book, a tight, atmospheric, and involving evocation of a distinctive future — with magic that feels truly magical."   Matthew David Surridge, Black Gate

 Deep in the Deep: Reaction-Diffusion Dies Tonight in Foreshadows
"One of my favorite contributions is “Deep in the Deep: Reaction-Diffusion Dies Tonight.” It seems that the Seattle Public Library is slowly dying — giving up its space to house the homeless.... As a librarian myself, it was fun to cheer for the home team, so to speak, as they struggle to save much of the planet’s recorded history. " Susan Dunman,

Added May 29 for Deep in the Deep:

"It’s a poignant SF story that touches on issues of the modern day." John Ottinger, Grasping The Wind


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