And now an end, sweet spy

Bid farewell to Rucas Sarfael and the nefarious plots of Neverwinter ... at least for now. Part IV of Cold Steel and Secrets is out. A crown is found....and lost. And perhaps found again. Secrets revealed, villains unmasked, and one last swordfight before the sun sets.


Ocampo said…
The Cold Steel and Secrets series was available for purchase in my country just a while ago. I must say I loved it and incorporated much of its lore into my current Neverwinter campaign. A story well told, Rucas is a very good character, although it would have been nice to learn more about him.

Moreover, that cliffhanger with Valindra...

Will you take us back to Neverwinter sometime in the future?
Rosemary Jones said…
I'm always open to a new journey through the Realms, especially with Rucas. Nothing on the near horizon -- but look for me in some other fun shared worlds this year including Timid Pirate's Cobalt City and Hal Greenberg's new project with Ed Greenwood (more on that coming soon!)

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