Wayward Carnival At The End Of The World

My publisher Timid Pirate is partying like it is the end of the world -- or the perfect time to celebrate the release of two new anthologies. On Dec. 17 at 7 p.m., the Pirate crew is taking over the new Wayward Coffeehouse (65th and Roosevelt in Seattle) to celebrate Cobalt City Dark Carnival and Finding Home: Community in Apocalyptic Worlds.

If you're a Seattle writer, you may already be familiar with the cozy Wayward in either its pre-apocalypse venue in Greenwood or its new shiny, rose-from-the-ashes rebirth on Roosevelt. If not, it's time you discovered this hangout for NaNoWriMo enthusiasts, Brown Coats, and other terrific creative folks. And it is the perfect place to enjoy a new slew of superhero stories set in Cobalt City or explore a fascinating visions of "what happens next."

There will be a crew of Timid Pirate authors and editors there, possible door prizes (I've promised flying monkeys to whoever brings the most friends), and more. See you at the party!


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