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Back to the Realms this Fall

As announced at GenCon, "Cold Steel & Secrets" will mark my return to the Forgotten Realms in 2011. The new e-novella takes the adventure to Neverwinter, where spies, swordmasters, and zombies make life more than a little complicated.

Also expected this fall is an omnibus edition of the Waterdeep novels including City of the Dead.

Keep an eye of the Wizards of the Coast homepage for more information!


John Ottinger III (Grasping for the Wind) said...


I am very pleased to say the least. Any small white dogs this time?

jlasala said...

That's awesome, Rosemary! Congrats! I'll be very interested in this one, for more reasons than the casual Realms fan. ;)

Rosemary Jones said...

Thanks for the good wishes! No fluffy dogs but there is a were-animal in this one!