New shared world project is not a secret

Steven E. Schend is masterminding a new anthology of novellas based on a very different fantasy world. When he asked me if I was willing to contribute, I waved my hands, jumped up and down, and said "Oh yes!" Because other authors lined up for this interesting gig include the Ed Greenwood, Jaleigh Johnson, and J.M. Martin.

Schend, a very popular author/editor himself, is giving fans a chance to be part of the birthing process (hmm, that sounded better in my head than on the page). Also, for a few lucky early "angels" (as they have long called them in the theater world), you can even secure a lock of Ed Greenwood's beard (got your attention now, don't I?).

Want to learn more? Well here you go:


SESchend said…
Thanks for reposting the video and info here, Rosemary; I really hope this funding comes through, as I'm really excited about the world and the book (or books, depending on interest and sales) and working with you and the others.

For anyone else interested in the project, there's 18 hours left in the funding drive at .

There's also four or more posts on my own website providing more hidden teasers and previews of the world and the book materials at

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