Fluffy bunnies: tweets at midnight

A few months ago, my friend Erik Scott de Bie defended the reputation of shared world writers everywhere. Good fantasy, he argued, does not require an original world -- it requires original writers.

As my imperfect memory recalls it, he stated that any world could engender fantastic fiction if the right people wrote it with style, talent, and verve (something Mr. de Bie regularly displays in his own work, shared world and other). In short, he could create Erik's Fluffy Bunny Deathworld and wonderful stories could come out of that.

Well! I happen to agree. Good writing can occur in shared worlds -- and a shared world of dark demonic rabbits...I loved the idea.

Since then, the bunnies have popped up in various conversations and few tweets (look for the hashtag #fluffybunnydeathworld). There's no publisher set yet -- although one is considering the idea -- and Erik's already scared me in the midafternoon with musings on rabbit nightmares.

There's several projects cooking on my computer, all shared world fiction, and the bunnies are pretty far down the list. But if you like the idea, or have a suggestion, just use the hashtag #fluffybunnydeathworld. And look for some midnight tweets from me on the subject over the next year.

Who knows? By 2012, our readers may be sliding down the rabbit hole to some new and fantastical adventures.


Shared world fiction is how I discovered you, Rosemary, so I agree fully. Authors like R.A. Salvatore also prove that a shared world writer can also "break out", though I suppose on the possible down side there could be legal issues as to ownership of some elements so it might be difficult to have, say, a movie about Sophraea or Erik's Twilight without WotC's involvement and approval - at least if the movies were to take place in the Forgotten Realms. On that subject I'm surprised I haven't heard about a Drizzt movie yet!
SESchend said…
Can I wear a shirt at Gen Con that says:

My friends all wrote stories at Fluffy Bunny Death World and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.

Would that be okay, or do I have to send you and Erik a nickel to do so? :)

Rosemary Jones said…
Whenever Fluffy Bunny Deathword is more than a demonic gleam in our eyes, we hope you will contribute to the madness. T-shirts, prose, filking, whatever it takes...

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