Who lives in a superhero city?

Timid Pirate asked me to contribute a story to the Cobalt City neighborhoods project. This is a series of free fiction downloads introducing the various neighborhoods of a city populated by superheroes and their mad villain counterparts.

My contribution Location, Location, Location tells a little more about a building that I plunked into Cobalt City last year. An active club for the adventurers in the 1940s (Claws of the Dragon Queen), this grand old Parkside mansion is now abandoned...or is it? Follow intrepid location scout Berry Fields as she searches for the perfect place to film a blockbuster.

I love excursions into a fantasy world like Cobalt City where my characters are the "little people" who cope quite realistically with the fact that "strange goings on" is another term for normal. Don't you always wonder who lives in a superhero city and what they think when the latest caped wonder or mystery man goes racing past?

Even more fun for me (and slightly terrifying for a certain Timid Pirate), this story serves as part of my "master plan" for future stories set in Cobalt City. More to come...


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