New series out from Phoebe inspired by a road trip

Every year, I hit the road with a group of friends. Mostly it is an excuse to chatter, play board games, and eat out. Last summer, we rented a bed-and-breakfast in Port Angeles, and quickly realized that we were at the gateway to Twilight country. None of us are huge fans of the series, but we are all lifelong Northwest residents amused that this rather remote corner should become famous for something other than logging.

"Let's go see Forks," said my friend Phoebe one sunny afternoon. So we abandoned the ongoing card game and took to the road between Port Angeles and Forks. While driving there and back, we started chatting about how hard it would be to be a "real" vampire (as opposed to one that sparkles and can walk outside in sunlight). And what if you didn't have a bunch of good looking vampire dudes to give you instructions....and, really, is dating outside your species such a good idea? What if somebody woke up hungry in the middle of the night and there you were...the perfect snack?

With writers, such ideas turn into books...and, for Phoebe, very funny ones. Although this video promo does emphasize the problem side of taking up a career as a vampire.


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