More speaking engagements in February: MWA dinner

My sometimes cohort-in-crime Phoebe Matthews and I will be speaking at the Northwest chapter of Mystery Writers of America on February 12. It's a bit of a blast to the past for us. MWA was one of the first "pro" writing groups that we attended long, long ago in the 20th century.

At those dinners, I met such science fiction idols as Poul Anderson and Julian May as well as a number of our NW versions of Castle. Yes, all male mystery writers are tall, suave, and look a lot like Nathan Fillion (she said, with a wink).

So, we eagerly accepted this invitation to talk about the changing nature of publishing and how it is impacting working writers like ourselves. Can't wait to see who will be there!

Phoebe's next urban fantasy series will be out from Dark Quest. Check out the stunning cover here.


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