Readings in February: alcohol and gaming

Why do I love working with a small, hungry, and terrifically cool small press? Because they are not afraid to put some energy into promoting their authors.

The Timid Pirate crew launches a new promotional tour and we're not just talking your grandma's bookstore (although if Granny would like us at a bookstore near her, let me know and I'll pass it to the publisher!).

In February, look for Cobalt City's superhero fiction and wildly fun set of authors at the Night Kitchen in downtown Seattle, probably in mid-February. More to come!

Don't like parking downtown? The head for Everett and the AFK Tavern for beer, readings, and little gaming on Sunday, Feb. 20. The reading on the 20th will be followed by a short game of Mutants and Masterminds set in Cobalt City afterward. The game will be masterminded by Cobalt City creator Nathan Crowder, so be ready for thrills, chills, and potential mayhem.


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