Cobalt City news: new audio drama starts in 2011

My TIMID PIRATE friends are busy preparing a whole new brand of shared world fiction for 2011: an audio drama voiced by a very interesting collection of Seattle talents. We got a taste back in October when a rough cut of the first few minutes was aired at the Cobalt City Timeslip release party.

A bit more Cobalt City drama was shared with friends at a Winter Solstice party. Who knew that certain local authors were Orson Welles* at heart?

The first podcast, scripted by Cobalt City creator Nathan Crowder, launches tomorrow. If you want to learn more about this and some other exciting projects (which I can't reveal yet), sign up for the Timid Pirate newsletter. They promise to keep the newsletter volume to a minimum and they will give you a gift too: a free ebook version of Cobalt City Christmas.

*in his twenties, Orson was the original Shadow


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