Radioactive mouse and Cobalt City Christmas

On the very week that they are hunting radioactive bunnies and mice in my home state, my publisher sent me the notice that Cobalt City Christmas is once again available for purchase. And if you're wondering how the two are related, just let us say that my heroes find out nuking your Christmas goose is a very bad idea.

For those following my Cobalt City adventures, last year's Christmas tale was my first foray into this particular shared world. A city where superheroes and supervillains battle in all the usual ways, but also take time off to go to parties, shop for gifts in a mall, and prepare a holiday feast for friends. They might even decorate their table with swan napkins, and then be ready to turn such napkins into secret weapons when the feast starts fighting back.

It's all in a holiday at Cobalt City. And who is to say that it is all fiction? After all, there is apparently one glowing mouse living nearby.

My publisher, Timid Pirate, recently put out a selection of nifty gifties for pirates and their friends. I have to admit that I'm very taken with the grog stein. How many publishers do you know with a grog stein?


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