New (old) story coming in the Dragon

This week on the content page of the Dragon popped up this little note:

Fiction: Dreaming of Waterdeep
By Rosemary Jones
Gustin Bone thought he would die without ever escaping the narrow confines of his uncle's farm, until three colorful strangers stumbled out of the forest.

Written almost a year ago, this story wandered about the corridors of my publisher (I always visualize these things like looking lost puppies) seeking an appropriate online home. Finally adopted into the November issue, it is a peek into the magical childhood of Gustin Bone (wizard and sometimes hero of City of the Dead). Enjoy!


Jeff LaSala said…
More online fiction! Excellent.

Rosemary, does this story stand alone, or is it best appreciated by those who've read City of the Dead?
Rosemary Jones said…
This is a prequel story to City of the Dead but not about the Carver family!

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