Party like it is 1949...or 1970...or....Saturday!

The authors, the editor, and the publisher of Cobalt City Timeslip gather Saturday, Oct. 9, at the Wayward Coffeehouse in Seattle.

Readings, jokes, funny hats, and other frivolity promised. The treats and the coffee at the Wayward always are worth a visit (this is one of Seattle's best hangouts for NaNoWriMo writers).

Drop in to meet the Cobalt City's ever-growing gang of superhero fictioneers. Take home a signed book.

Cobalt City Timeslip Release Extravaganza
October 9, starting at 7 pm
Wayward Coffeehouse
8570 Greenwood Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103

The media speaks about Cobalt City Timeslip:

"Rosemary Jones’s Claws of the Dragon Queen is a pitch-perfect noir adventure, smartly done and subtly nuanced." Books I Read

"...the stories in Cobalt City Timeslip succeed in taking advantage of the prose format to do things with the superhero genre that would be difficult to do in a comic book format." Seattle Geekly


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