Almost time to do the Timeslip

It's just a Cobalt City's fabled past. The latest Timid Pirates anthology, Cobalt City Timeslip, officially releases in October. We (the authors) and they (the publishers) will be partying at the Wayward Coffee House on October 9. Panda hats may or may not be involved.

I indulged my inner dame in my homage to great pulp stories of the 1930s and 1940s. My tale comes at the very end of that era, 1949, the year when Perry Como croons about enchanted evenings on the jukebox and one of Cobalt City's most mysterious superheroes faces "The Claws of the Dragon Queen." Trenchcoats, smoking guns, and a deadly beauty in a red silk dress: who wouldn't want to write that story!

After having such a good time writing this one, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Wrecker of Engines and his femme fatale foes return for another adventure in 2011.


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