More anthology news: Zero Gravity

Since I just got the proofs from the publisher, it seems safe to reveal that my next short story will be out in the Pill Hill anthology Zero Gravity.

Of course, besides checking if my name is spelled right on the Table of Contents (yes, you should always check this even if you're a Smith or Jones), I ran my eye through the authors listed to see if I recognized anyone. Murray Leeder! A fellow Wizards of the Coast scribe. Interestingly, we bookend the anthology: I have the first story and he has the last. The folks in-between are a fascinating collection of new and well-seasoned writers (after the TOC, I always read the author bios).

Zero Gravity is a high adventure space fiction anthology that looks like the perfect home for my story "Junker's Fancy" about a gal who makes her living salvaging dead space ships. Until she finds one with a live pilot trapped inside....


Great news - love the improved blog look as well.

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