Mutiple hats needed: Shared World, Dance PR, and Third Place Book Signing

My scheduling fairy decided that I can do it all this weekend. All of these events will be great fun, but I'm going to switching hats so much, I will be lucky to remember my name by Sunday.

Dinner with a bunch of merry writers and game designers. Time to slap on my shared world fiction hat!

Rosie Gaynor of Seattle Dances organized a free public relations for local dance companies, with a little help from her friends and some cool sponsorship from Encore (the folks that create all those programs that you handed as you walk into a theater around here! Also the publishers of CityArts). The focus of my comments will be how arts groups can use social media and other free Internet resources to create greater awareness of their performances. This will be me wearing my professional PR hat.

SATURDAY 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Northwest authors are descending Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park to celebrate Small Press Month and writing in general. Fifteen authors are expected. I'll be there to MC the event, but they will have copies of City of the Dead on hand for signing. So if you'd like an author signed copy, be sure to let the store know: 206-366-3333. They would be happy to hold a copy for you or ship it out!

If you want to see what an amazing variety of publishing is happening in our corner of the world, do come! There will be cookies, although cookies rarely last long around so many writers and readers. As for me, shared world fiction novelist or professional PR guru or book nerd hat? Probably book nerd: I love this store and always end up buying an armful here!

Anyone notice that Seattle's largest comic book convention is happening this weekend? Sadly, Sunday is the only day that I can make it. So I might miss Spock (seriously, Leonard Nimoy is expected), but I'm hoping to see the local talent like Roberta Gregory, a fellow member of Broad Universe, and visitors like David Malki of Wondermark, my favorite steampunk online comic.

No hat, just me, wandering around and enjoying the view!


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