Word games we play

Words power writers. Without them, life becomes a blank screen. But as much as words are our friends, they can also be frustratingly tricky little devils. Far too often, the wrong words appear. Some words just wear out their welcome.

At the Wizards Community, the Forgotten Realms authors discuss the words that we hate. But, and this is pointed out by Christopher Rowe, no words truly are loathsome. As much as I hate overusing "really" and shudder when a meeting begins with the statement "let's review the vision statement," the day may well come when I stand in dire need of a "really" to emphasize the moment or even a "vision statement."

However, if you are an aspiring writer, pay attention to Lisa Smedman's admonishment to use your words correctly. Myself, I'm ready to commit mayhem the next time that I read about Toyota's problems with their breaks. The brakes may be broke, but that is no reason to take a break from the correct usage of a word.

Nobody asked about the words that we love. Myself, I adore the half forgotten words, the oddities that once spiced up the English language but now languish between the covers of antiquarian books. In my dream library, I would own a complete, 20-volume OED. I used to visit one in my college library on a regular basis just to search for weird words. Currently, I must content myself with an enormous Webster's Dictionary (1951, unabridged, purchased quite cheap at a library sale). Now if I could only find a good dictionary stand for it!


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