It is obvious: well, maybe

Today, the folks at Wizards asked what was obvious to anyone who knew us. Myself, that was easy: I'm a passionate reader and book collector. I often speak about the influences of other works on my writing as well as my own ever-growing collection of books. I even co-authored a series of books about collecting children's books: basically a great excuse to go shopping. This weekend, I ordered another three bookcases (total additional shelf space: 60" x 82") for my place. With these additional shelves, I'm hoping to finally unbox all my books.

I did have a "d'oh" moment reading through another author's answers. Jak Koke mentioned that he's known as the editor/publisher of Per Aspera. Well, yes, and I actually met Jak a few years back at some book shows and publishing meetings. But I didn't make the connection until today.

And I'm charmed to learn that Richard Baker is diehard baseball fan, willing to stick with his Phillies through the bad times as well as good. Myself, I grew up with the Mariners -- yes, some day, our day will come. My ancestors: serious Cubs fans. Obviously, a winning team is not necessary for us to sing "Take me out to the ballpark..."


Jak said…
Hi Rosemary!

I guess I didn't realize that you were a fellow FR author! It's nice to find your blog, and re-meet you.


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