Invitations to dinner based on unexpected talents of Forgotten Realms authors

I'll confess that I actually climbed through scaffolding to visit the Algonquin Hotel, scene of the famed Round Table filled with authors, quips, and cocktails in the 1920s. Sadly, those halcyon days of cheap drinks and fast talk are gone.

But I can cheerfully participate in an online discussion of much wit at Wizard's community page. Today's topic is unexpected talents. If I was planning a dinner party, I'd have to include Elaine Cunningham (for pies), Erik Scott de Bie (for cocktails), and Jaleigh Johnson (for juggling). Myself, I will guarantee enough food to feed fifty, even if it is only five or six who sit down to the table. I always overcook for large parties!

So mentally put on your slinkiest flapper dress or your sharpest suit, and wander over to WOTC's virtual Round Table for little author chit-chat.


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