Forgotten Realms authors: carnivores and caffeine addicts

The majority of Wizards of the Coast authors and editors were revealed as either carnivores or caffeine fiends when they wrote an article about what they couldn't give away. I definitely fall into the latter category: when my coffee pot broke recently and rewarded me one morning with cold water, whimpering was heard throughout the land.

Bruce Cordell bravely offers to voyage through the world without his iPhone, but, judging from his Twitter posts and other offerings on the web, I bet that going cold turkey on smartphones wouldn't last long.

I don't own any type of smartphone (I like my phones to be phones and my computers to be computers). But I am a bit addicted to online communications. I enjoy chatting away with friends from New York to Seattle online. Or catching bits of their daily routine or random thoughts through sites like Twitter.

But nothing is as good as meeting for a cup of coffee out in the real world!

Never say never: Since I wrote this in 2010, I added an iPhone and an iPad to my collection of gadgets. Love them for letting me leave the computer behind but stay connected. Besides I'm mildly addicted to playing word games on these devices as well as the social media chit-chat stuff. I still can't live without a working coffee pot.


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