2009: A Year of Short Fiction, Most Being Published In 2010

After finishing the final edits on City of the Dead way back at the beginning of 2009, the rest of the year seemed devoted to short fiction. With the vagaries of publishing, the story written last was published first and the rest are coming with 2010.

The final story written, but first out the gate, was "A Very Panda Christmas" in Cobalt City Christmas. This short was basically written between Halloween and Thanksgiving, and deals with the trials and tribulations of making a Christmas dinner fit for superheroes. The story currently occupies a very warm corner of my storyteller heart: mostly because I'd never considered writing a Christmas story before. Now I want to do more.

Next out and written earlier this year, "Dusty Bones" is a return to Waterdeep's graveyard and my favorite gravedigging family, the Carvers. This was a chance to spend a little more time with Leaplow Carver, a rough-and-tumble character who thinks more with his fists than his wits. Although he's capable of doing much more. The story will appear in Realms of the Dead.

A truly interesting stretch for me as a writer was "Two Out, Windigo" which will appear in the Apex horror anthology Close Encounters of the Urban Kind (April 2010). I very deliberately time tripped back to the 1940s, and the style of writers from that era. This story started in the summer and had a complete re-write in late November. Now I'm just waiting for final edits.

There's a few more stories floating out there and when they land in their final resting place, I'll post details year. I love that 2009 finished up a decade much as it began. I secured my first fiction sale with short story "The Takers" in the Phobos anthology Hitting the Skids in Pixeltown in 2002. From there, it was short fiction and novels for Wizards of the Coast and, now, more short fiction for other publishers.


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