Obsessed Reader Loves City of the Dead

A lively Live Journal reviewer with the wonderful nom de plume Obsessed Reader just posted a review of City of The Dead:

This is a gorgeous little standalone girls' own picaresque, equal parts Gormenghast, Discworld and the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. It's a delicious romp with a refreshingly flawed but gutsy heroine.

Well, as the author puts it, "hee" indeed! I will admit to a certain obsession with the Haunted Mansion, having visited in it in both California and Florida. The California mansion remains my favorite, probably because I happened to go through it during a rare torrential downpour and thunderstorm at Disneyland. There's nothing like a crack of real lighting as you're going through the door and realize that you and your companion are the only people left in the line. We got to ride through twice.


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